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Planned for Fall 2020


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Adventures of Chris is a story-driven, character-rich, hand-animated 90’s-style adventure platformer about a chubby underdog kid with wacky superpowers!

Based on a totally true-to-life 100% autobiographical tale (more or less…), the game lifts platformers to new heights and is chock-full of laughs.

  • Uncover a sinister story in a quirky, cartoon-like universe
  • Explore 8 initial locations around the world in any order
  • Build Chris from a weak kid into a somewhat plausible video game hero
  • Learn (or purchase) increasingly powerful spells and techniques
  • Face down bizarre villains across the globe
  • Float or fall through unique platforming challenges


Adventures of Chris goes all the way back to 1995, when lead developer Chris Guin, then in the 7th grade, created his first completed hobby project in a tool called Klik n Play.  The game was full of inside jokes and midis from other popular video games, but there was a spark there.  When Chris rediscovered the game on an old hard drive as an adult, he decided to use his programming training to rebuild the game the way 13-year-old Chris would’ve wanted it – and give a pudgy, nerdy kid the chance to (however briefly) be the hero.

Working entirely by himself, he built a pixel art version of the game for the OUYA and Amazon Fire TV in 2014, but for release on PC and Mac, he decided to do it right.  He’d always wanted the game to look like a real Saturday morning cartoon, so he hired Kyle Anderson, a California-based artist with a background in traditional 2D animation, to revamp the look and feel from the ground up.  The game was greatly expanded and given a rich backstory and world to explore.

The game is currently planned to be released on Steam in 2020.



Adventures of Chris - Adventure Platformer - Chris Uses Lightning Powers
Adventures of Chris - Adventure Platformer - Chris Confronts Smog Monster in L.A.
Adventures of Chris - Adventure Platformer - Ice Creature Roars
Adventures of Chris - Adventure Platformer - Chris Fights the Mayan Idol
Adventures of Chris - Adventure Platformer - Count Junior Speaks
Adventures of Chris - Adventure Platformer - The Mystic Bakehouse


Adventures of Chris - Adventure Platformer - Logo

Team and Collaborators

Chris Guin – Lead Developer, Composer

Kyle Anderson – Lead Artist, Animator

Andrew Pappas – Marketing

Duc Nguyen – Additional Backgrounds

Vibhas Virwani – Additional Backgrounds

Elvis Kunesh – Video production

David J Franco – Sound/music production