Inspiring Classic Adventure Platformers

Inspiring Classic Adventure Platformers All modern 2d platformers owe a lot to the game industry’s rich history of classic adventure platformers. Whether trying to capture pure nostalgia or create a modified experience with updated mechanics, platformers today owe a lot to adventure platformers of the past.    Over the years I’ve done a lot of [...]
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Adventures of Chris will be Available October 8th! Woohoo!

The Wait is Over! So we can finally announce that Adventures of Chris is releasing October 8th on Switch and Steam. It’s been quite a long time, but the moment is finally approaching. I’m also excited to share that we also got a brand new trailer - with some pretty sweet looking new animated sequences! [...]
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Adventures of Chris Will Be Available On SWITCH!

Adventures of Chris is Coming to SWITCH It’s official! When Adventures of Chris comes out, you’ll now be able to take the game on your own adventures with Switch. The thought of a game I made being on a Nintendo platform has always been a dream of mine - and it's hard to believe that [...]
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Adventures of Chris BETA and Discord has Launched!

BETA and Discord has Launched!     Yup, it’s here! Beta has launched and for a limited time, we’re giving people the chance to be playtesters! Access will end on May 8th, however, there will be plenty of other future opportunities to play the game. Just sign up for our email list so we can keep […]

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Post MAGFest 2020 Update

Hey everybody,   It was a long few days but we finally recovered from MAGFest and because everything went so well, we felt it was worth sharing an update with all of you. I want to especially thank everybody who signed up for the mailing list at MAGFest - your support truly means a lot! It might [...]
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December 2019 Progress Report

Hey, world travelers, it’s time for a quick December update!    But first, make sure you don’t miss the free gift we’re giving you for devoted fans! Just subscribe to our email list to get it if you haven't already!   Get Ready for MAGFest! We’re showcasing again this year at MAGFest in Washington, DC, so [...]
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Top 10 Favorite Indie Game Soundtracks

My Top 10 Favorite Indie Game Soundtracks I grew up loving video game music of all kinds.  As a kid, I especially loved the tracks that provided memorable, hook-driven melodies.  As sound and music technology got better, a lot of games started taking a more cinematic approach with their soundtracks.  While this can be excellent [...]
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October 2019 Progress Report

Hey world travelers!   Wellllll we’re a tad behind schedule.  We’ve had some technical difficulties here and there, but we’re still making progress.  This is an important thing we want you to know, so you don’t think we’ve died or something. Story Mode Status Story Mode of Adventures of Chris is basically complete at this [...]
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Getting That Metroid “Screw Attack” Feeling

That Metroid Screw Attack Feeling Remember how it felt to get the Screw Attack in the original Metroid for the NES?  Being able to suddenly buzz-saw through enemies simply by jumping at them was a huge rush.  After a long game of dodging and shooting basic bad guys from a distance, to be able to [...]
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August 2019 Progress Report

Hey world travelers!  We have been busy plugging away at things. It’s been a fun journey so far, but let’s go ahead and get to the good stuff! Nearly Complete So we're approaching being "content complete" for the main Story Mode of the game.  YAY! The art for the final boss is in the works, [...]
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