The Team Behind the Adventure

Chris Guin


Chris has been making games ever since he discovered pen and notebook paper.  In the 7th grade, he found a game-making tool called Klik ‘n’ Play — among his projects was a tongue-in-cheek game starring his overweight, nerdy self.  Now a (less overweight) software engineer in Alabama, Chris has decided to remake the game for real.

Kyle Anderson

Lead artist/animator

Chris was very lucky to find Kyle – a Los Angeles-based artist trained in traditional 2D animation with a love for 90’s games!  All of the character art and a large part of everything else in Adventures of Chris was drawn by Kyle.

Andrew Pappas – Marketing


Anh Duc Nguyen – Additional backgrounds


Vibhas Virwani – Additional backgrounds


Elvis Kunesh – Video production


David J Franco – Sound/music production

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