A More Well-Rounded Hero?

Adventures of Chris is a story-driven, character-rich, cartoon adventure platformer about a chubby underdog kid with wacky superpowers

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Adventures of Chris - Adventure Platformer - Ice+Cream+Sandwiches+Screenshot

The Story

One night in 1995, seven children around the world mysteriously vanish, and their only hope is a chubby, dorky 7th-grader named Chris.

Kidnapped, mocked, and transformed into a balloon, Chris manages to escape by floating off on a global adventure – driven by determination, superpowers, and cookies.

Lost in a 90’s cartoon-like universe where cyborg penguins and whiny vampires call the shots, Chris must prove he has what it takes to defeat the forces of villainy and make it home in time for dessert.


The Game

Come along on the Adventures of Chris, a totally true-to-life 100% autobiographical tale (more or less…) that lifts platformers to new heights and is chock-full of laughs.  

  • Uncover a sinister story in a quirky, cartoon-like universe
  • Explore 8 initial locations around the world in any order
  • Build Chris from a weak kid into a somewhat plausible video game hero
  • Learn (or purchase) increasingly powerful spells and techniques
  • Face down bizarre villains across the globe
  • Float or fall through unique platforming challenges
Adventures of Chris - Adventure Platformer - Sonic Burst

The Music

The Villains


A Japanese assassin with a love for ancient weaponry and balls of yarn, Satoka had a reputation as a mysterious mercenary, aiding both heroes and villains from time to time, her true allegiances unclear.

Now a high-ranking official in the Society of Villains, any trace of goodness seems to have long vanished. How she became a mutant cat has never been sufficiently explained, and not many have dared to ask.

Grigore Petrescu II “Count Junior”

He was an unholy terror before he became a vampire.  The spoiled son of a vicious nobleman in 17th century Romania, Junior loved candy, toys, and torturing villagers.

Now an immortal with a lust for magic power, a Napoleon complex, and absolutely no social awareness, Count Junior is after the one thing he’s never had a clue how to achieve – respect.


The rebellious son of a wealthy Australian corporate president, Weston fell victim to a mysterious force lurking beneath the swamps of Malaysian Borneo while on an ecological expedition.  

Now mutated into an enormous insect, the figure nicknamed “Buzzkill” leads swarms of monstrous bugs against his father’s global business empire, with many innocent lives lost.

June 2019 Progress Report

Howdy, world travelers! Hope you're having a happy June! Here's a quick update on the progress we've been making with Adventures of Chris. It's starting to all come together We're getting remarkably close to being within sight of the goal line - all 8 of the original world map levels are now completed. Chris can [...]
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