Hi, everybody!  I’ve been thinking about keeping a developer’s log on the site so that anybody interested in the game can get a sense of how things are coming along from time to time.

Since The Adventures of Chris doesn’t have a gigantic budget, I’m mostly able to get the quality level I want by finding freelance artists who can work on my game along with other projects – but this does mean things take more time!  That said, I’m pretty happy with the quality level I’ve been able to achieve so far.  My game has progressed from my own neophyte attempts at retro pixel-art to a fully traditionally hand-animated cartoon.

I’m hoping to have a demo of the first several levels ready to go in the next month or so.  Production has necessarily slowed down over the holidays, but we’ve got the entire introductory sequence, Mexico, Malaysia, and most of Transylvania and the Kingdom of Lost Balloons ready to play test!  I’m most curious to find out how people fare against the new, more elaborate boss mechanics for Buzzkill and Woe (Count Junior’s ghost butler)!

If you have any interest in helping me play test when the time comes, any and all feedback is appreciated!

You can subscribe to this blog using any RSS reader with the URL ​http://adventuresofchris.com/devlog/feed, or you can follow me on Twitter at @chris_guin.

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