Progress continues to be made on Adventures of Chris!  The game is still on track to be finished by mid-2019.  Here’s what’s been happening:

Steam, Facebook, and YouTube

We finally setup our “Coming Soon” page on Steam!  So now you can head over and wishlist or follow us:  (

We also setup a Facebook page, so if you prefer to get your updates that way, that option is now available:  (

The game’s animated reveal trailer is now (finally) finished.  You can check it out here:


Adventures of Chris is now officially coming to MAGfest’s Indie Videogame Showcase!  MAGfest is a gaming convention in Washington, DC running from January 3-6.  If you happen to be in the area, stop by and see us!  You can find more information on MAGfest at the official website here: (


The Chilean level is now complete and ready for testing!  Chris can now face off with hordes of cyborg penguins, volcanic fire rain, and El Doctor Pingüino’s hi-tech weaponry.  Check out these recent screenshots!

The Chilean level also introduces the idea of multi-colored gases that cause Chris to rise (or fall!) at different rates.  In combination with the various penguin weaponry and volcanic fire rain, hopefully this constitutes a fair number of engaging new mechanics for the level.  (It’s always a challenge to make each level feel unique and fresh.)


Next up is the Japan level, where Chris will go head-to-head against the Clan of the Black Yarnball…

If you’re interested in playtesting the new Chile level, shoot me an email at [email protected].  I’ll forward you the links!  Feedback is always appreciated.

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