Does Square Enix Understand Midgar? (Final Fantasy 7 Remake)

As a game dev trying (to some extent) to recreate the glories of gaming in the 1990's, I have a really strong interest in the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Remake.  I loved the original game.  I've played it multiple times as an adult, still finding enjoyment in it, despite the blocky and pixelated graphics.  The [...]
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The Joy of Ribbon Physics

When converting the game to HD, one of my initial decisions was to go ahead and port the whole thing to Unity.  I love Flash (the former game engine), but it felt like it was on the way out – if not already out.  Unity had better support, a larger community, and most importantly, made […]

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The Appeal of a Mini-Game

So I’ve got the demo ready to go now!  I’ve sent it off to the first wave of people – hoping to get some good feedback from everybody.  If you’re interested in playing it, feel free to drop me a line at and I’ll be sure to send it your way! Over the last couple weeks, […]

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